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Boxster Sales Article


"A Porsche spokesman, explaining the decline of the company's Boxster convertible, said that sales for all roadsters in the $30,000 to $60,000 range are down 15%.
"Porsche recognized that the roadster segment has been under increasing pressure in the U.S. for several years," he wrote. This is why Porsche recently added the Cayman, a hardtop companion to the Boxster. This year, combined Boxster/Cayman sales have far exceeded last year's Boxster sales.
"Also, please note that this segment has not been a 'natural market' for some time, meaning it has seen a great deal of direct customer incentives and still suffers a 15.1% decline," he wrote. "True to its philosophy, Porsche does not offer customer incentives."
Rich Belloff

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