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Originally Posted by obthomas View Post
The engineering consensus is that the Boxster S manual transmission drive train is good for about 500HP. Your customer might have had a better experience if he had observed that limitation. You can have a lot of fun with something different.
I dunno.... I got no problems out of the 5 speed gear box. 20k and counting. Yall talk up that 6 speed box like its some holy grail.

I'm not near the tourque numbers to destroy it I suppose. But my engine will tear up those tires if need be.

Why would you sell a Chevy swapped Porche? I'm in mine for life. Drop that car 6ft in the hole when I die. LOL
'99 supercharged 4.3 chevy Boxsterado
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WTB: any cheap 986 shifter new or used
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