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Sometimes it takes more than raw power.

We have a customer that happens to own an automotive fabrication shop that installed a Mezger turbo engine out of a wrecked 996 turbo race car into a 986 chassis.. On a dyno cell, the engine made north of 700 HP at the flywheel and turned the 986 into a parts and tire destroyer that could vaporize the driveline from a roll in any gear. By his own admission, the project cost him more than a band new turbo car sitting on the showroom floor, and he did most if not all of the fabrication himself, and I would describe the work as top shelf, beautifully executed and neat.

After destroying several gearbox and axle sets, he put the car up for sale. Six months later, with no one showing any real interest, he pulled the Mezger out, reinstalled the orgianal engine and sold the car and the Mezger engine at a loss. Today, he still calls he episode “an idiotic idea”.

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean it is a good idea, and it takes a lot more than raw power to make a great car.
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