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Here's a summary of my current 986s. Most of them have names – a thing that my wife has always done with cars and now happens naturally as new ones arrive.

The 'Other', 2004 S Special Edition was a flood damaged car. When I got it, we had a pair of silver 1999s with red interiors that had license plates 'THIS' and 'THAT'. It just seemed natural to name the 2004 'OTHER'. I sold THIS and THAT a few years ago. It still feels right to have the license plate frame that says, “My Other car is a Porsche” ...because it is a Porsche.

The 'Vi-ster' is my wife's Boxster. Her name is Vi (for short). It's a white 2001 Tiptronic that I bought with a bad engine. I bought a collision damaged '01 as an engine donor which paid for itself when I parted out the rest of the car.

The 'Xbox' is a 2001 Tiptronic that I bought for $1,600 with a bad engine. I built it for the Grassroots Motorsports $2000 Challenge in 2019 with a 2.5L engine and a nitrous system. It did well for my first time competing in anything like that and I finished in the top third of about 60 entrants. The 2.5L was in rough shape after that, but I still managed to run it in a HooptieX race in 2021 after pouring a bottle of head gasket sealant in. It got through most of the day before it seized. Now it has a 2001 2.7L engine back in it and is set up for off-road and back-road adventures.

The 'Frog' is Woody's old Rallycross car. He sold it to me after he had seized the engine in a race and generally lost interest in fixing it. I cleaned up the engine and found that it still had good compression. I put the engine back in and ran it for a full day of rallycross. The engine rattled like a coffee can full of rocks when I drove it on the trailer, but it was a great day. It's in my garage now with a partially installed 4.2L Audi V8 (AUX) that I plan to have done for a race day in mid July.

The '04 Parts Car' I bought in non-running condition with no key and the seller promising that they had filed for a lost title that they would mail to me. The title never arrived and I never paid them the remainder of the agreed price. I've sold some parts and used some parts on my cars. I'm not sure what to do with it now, but I have put parts back on and repaired it a couple times to run it in rallycross races when I don't have another car ready.

The Terrible '99 is the worst Boxster I've bought that wasn't a salvage car. My original thought was that I had everything it needed to make it back into a decent car, but then I found serious rust under the battery tray. I may still fix it or I may strip it for parts. It's low priority now.

I don't remember if 'Silver' is a 2000 model or 2001. It's a nice S model with a clean black interior and a bad engine. The engine actually runs well, but there's metal in the oil filter and a rod knock. I'm going to put a new filter in with some fresh oil and sell it really quick for a big profit!

...or take the engine from the blue 2002 S Aero Kit car that I bought last week and make it right again. 'Blue Aero' likely has a good engine. It was last registered in 2016. The the rear plastic window was gone. Wires to the immobilizer box under the driver's seat have been cut and the bare immobilizer circuit board was on the floor, badly corroded. When I managed to get the trunk open there was a full replacement immobilizer/DME/key set inside. I bought it for the Aero kit, PSE, wheels, and engine. There is no title for it, but it has a clean history and can be titled. As a roller to build up, it may be better than the Terrible '99.
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