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Just out of curiosity.
This is from the LNE website:
“Replacement Napa Gold / Wix / Hengst / Mahle / Mann Filter for use with LN Engineering Spin On Oil Filter Adapter on vehicles equipped with the IMS Solution or with 106-01.3 Spin On Oil Filter Adapter for 2009 and later Boxster and Cayman Models with 9A1 MA1 engine.

Due to filter availability, we may substitute Napa Gold 1215, Wix 51215, Mann W7015, Mahle OC1063, Hengst H319W, or Baldwin BT223 oil filters for the Napa Gold 1348 / Wix 51348 filter.”

I wonder why both Wix 51215 and 51348 are on the list?
My kit came with the Hengst.
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