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I am running the Wevo SS transmission mounts on my 986 Boxster with the OEM front engine mount (unsure what version the front is, it may be the newer improved 987 style but I don't know)

At idle, there is a little bit of vibration coming through the car, like a mild back massager, but it goes away anytime I am above idle. I have had them on for several years and I can't remember if I was having a problem with shifting under load (example, going down to third heading into T1 at Daytona while braking with some lateral load) or if it was just one of those type of "since I had everything apart let's upgrade to future proof it" type of things I seem to recall that it did firm up the shifting, with only a little bit of extra NVM.

I got a 2nd set of my Cayman as well, I like them
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