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Originally Posted by itsnotanova View Post
Any updates?
Just getting back to work on the Fiero now. In late November, I admitted to myself that my garage was so full of crap that I couldn't work in there anymore. I needed less stuff and not more space. I spent about a month sorting through junk and not junk, did a couple scrap runs and trash runs. I got rid of a couple 'future projects'. I finally have floor space and can find my tools again.

It was bad:

It is still evolving, but working on better habits and improving every day:

The Fiero is getting a full transplant. I got a wrecked Buick Rendezvous ($300 Copart bid) with a good 3.5L LX9 engine. Stock it has about 200 hp and leaves room in the budget for my nitrous system for the drag race in the GRM $2,000 Challenge.

I plan to put the LX9 in the car next week for an initial fitting. Not a popular swap, but it has been done before a few times. For now I'm staying with the auto transmission and ECU from the Buick.
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