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Definitely had an idea of what I wanted to do when I got the car lol and it was hard not buy stuff after I recently sold my previous car.

The pics on the DIY thread are renders. The roof spoiler ended up looking really short and not great when I kept it to the window lines. The current one still needs to be cleaned up and painted. It just looks alright from far away

Wheels are 17" - Kind of wishing I had 18 just to bring me a little higher off the ground. But I do like how much tire I can fit on the 17s. Makes for a surprisingly comfy ride being that low.

The splitter comes with hardware that you mount to your bumper. You do have to drill into your bumper fyi. But the fit is very good and feels solid once mounted up. If I decide on painting it I might ad some double-sided tape just to make sure it stuck in place.

I think that's just some shadow, the fenders are stock.
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