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Originally Posted by flmont View Post
George Floyd,..this is most certainly a shameful thing on those police officer's( no matter who's neck it was),That justice should be between Mr.Floyd's family and that Police department, period..It's not just cause to ruin other's livelihood, and property, It just goes to show how people are being raised and educated to hate everything in this country because they weren't handed success or taught respect for other's,.. it's said, You get out of life what you put into it ,Protesting is a way to be heard,.to change thing's, you actually need to make an effort in the proper direction,..8 yrs of Obama/Biden why wasn't there change, they complain the most !! and do nothing because they like to create chaos, How's that for another Political statement !

Soap box now folded up and put away ! ( My apologies to anyone I may have offended )
What a joke!
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