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Nothing I tried would dissolve the paint on the inside of the wheels, so I got the 800 grit sand paper out and finished the other three wheels. They now all look like this.

Moved on to the sunroof. When pushing the button, you would hear things trying to happen, but the sunroof wouldn't move. As you can see here, the sunroof was a tad high on the left rear and seemed to be poking on something about an inch from the rear. The sunroof was loose on the right side.

I pulled the cover off the sunroof motor / trans area. I removed the motor and tried running it via the switch. It worked fwd and back. Then removed the trans and connected it to the motor. The trans worked when I did the switch. So the sunroof mechanism is bunged up. 928s are supposed to come with a sunroof wrench which is used to manually open and close the sunroof, but this is one of a very few items that's missing with my car. However, I have a friend in our club who has an 87 S4 5spd and he was wanting to give it some exercise and see my S4 (we live approx 50 mi apart). He brought his sunroof wrench with him. I replaced the trans and inserted the wrench, turned it while my friend pushed down on the sunroof. It moved! With a little work, we got it all the way open.

It will take a bit of work to clean the tracks, but getting it open was progress. And all the mechanical / electrical parts work.

Here's a pic of my friend's 928. It's very nice.

Trans Fluid
Time to move to the automatic trans flush. I put the Mistress up on ramps to give me plenty of room to maneuver under her. Once I got her up in the air, I found 2 problems:

Problem 1 is an electrical line that was broken in 2 places. I'd seen this line hanging down before, but now was the time to address it. Discovered that it's the line for the trans kick-down (dropping to a lower gear when you step on it and it evidently also changes the timing). Problem 2 is apparently the seal in the front of the trans that was leaking. That's not good. Will have to think about this one. Here's what the kick-down line looks like when removed.

The end of the wires wasn't a big deal, but the broken wires by the rubber elbow cover was going to be a problem. My plan was to splice some new wires inside the cover. I moved the elbow away from the connector and discovered the connector came apart with screws and revealed two female ends with wires soldered into them. I unsoldered the wires and soldered 2 new wires into them. Put it back together and it was good as new. All I have to do is splice it to the existing wires.

I decided to move ahead with flushing the fluid. Addressing the seal will mean removing the trans. I'm not ready to tackle that job. Maybe the seal will expand after driving a bit?

I'm at my max for pics in this post so I'll continue in a 2nd post.
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