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Originally Posted by jmitro View Post
my suspension is really a street setup- H&R sport springs with Bilstein B8s; it's not coilovers, so ride height is not adjustable. Similarly, the sway bars are stock non adjustable. The only adjustments are front toe and bump steer, rear toe, and GT3 front control arms for additional camber.
I had a student that had that setup, and the car felt fantastic! He was on 225 front 255 back though, Hankook R-S4.

Originally Posted by jmitro View Post
I've raced with BMWCCA for about 5 years so I have a lot of track experience, but I think my problem is a tendency to turn in too early and hit the apex early or midpoint which means sometimes breathing the throttle on exit to get the nose to turn. It depends on the turn, but generally higher speed turns. So my sensation of "understeer" might be a combination of poor turn in and suboptimal car setup as well
With 255 square and stock swaybars, you should have no understeer except maybe some power on understeer at low speeds on full throttle if you have the wheel turned a lot. I like to turn in a little early with slower hands, and unless it is a really fast corner I have some brake on all or most of the way down to the apex, and I try and make it so that I can go full throttle at the apex, and this takes me out to the track edge. (unless it is a double apex or a chicane which are different) When I have a student with a higher powered car (most recently a 996TT) we had to take later apexes due to the difference in power.

If that BMW you mentioned has less power than the Boxster, it may be like you said, (I wouldn't call it poor turn in, just a different style based on a different car )

Do you have any track video of your current setup?
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