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The issue with swapping the Porsche electrical part with the replacement mechanical part is the electrical part is where 90% of the failures are. That external microswitch fails (most common failure) along with the switches, soldering and sometimes the locking motor. So, swapping those parts over to another mechanical assembly will likely just transfer the problems.

If you have the Chinese replacement, I would use it for parts. In my experience, the quality of those is hit or miss. I would take it apart, de-solder the external microswitch and transfer it to the circuit board in your original. Then resolder all the contacts on your original board and clean it all up. Chances are you will be good for another 10 years.

Oh, the Porsche door latch is the same as that used by '00-'05 Audi TTs (don't bother with used ones, those fail just like in the Porsche and maybe worse) and shares "guts" with a few others so you can use various latches for parts. BTDT.
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