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Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
I've got some good news and some bad news. I'm pretty sure that your VW door latch is the problem. It turns out that they are electronically different from the Porsche part. I didn't realize that until the fix I posted had been used by millions of people spread across five continents (no known cases in Africa or Antarctica). ...I feel bad.
It can be fixed, by using the original Porsche latch electronics with the mechanical portion of the VW latch.

Here's the follow-up post:
Oh dood..... you're such a stud, man. You just saved me (I hope) many hours of stress and worry. Thank you.

I'll admit that every time in my life that I've come across one of these types of ideas on my own, and everybody wants me to do it for them .... I'm reticent. Always. Because this kind of thing happens, and SOMEBODY, eventually, will get mad about it. Haha.
Not me. I know the risks. And I appreciate guys who innovate, like you.

So thank you. Twice. (Once for the idea, and once for the notice about it ;-) )

I found your video on YouTube. You've probably added a note there..... but I really didn't watch the whole thing; I scanned until you listed the part number and then I went all maverick. If you're really worried about it you might edit the video with a caption or something. (Which I probably would've ignored anyway)

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