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I've got some good news and some bad news. I'm pretty sure that your VW door latch is the problem. It turns out that they are electronically different from the Porsche part. I didn't realize that until the fix I posted had been used by millions of people spread across five continents (no known cases in Africa or Antarctica). ...I feel bad.
It can be fixed, by using the original Porsche latch electronics with the mechanical portion of the VW latch.

Here's the follow-up post:
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So just a word of caution with these Ebay door latches. I just replaced my drivers side door to fix the window drop issue and, while it fixed the window drop, it made a whole lot of other things go crazy. My passenger door would not unlock, the alarm chirped at any turn of the key in the door lock, and when I tried to put the windows down using the door lock they went up! I put the original back in and everything worked properly again except of course the window problem.

I used a VW part 3D1837015AB as suggested.
Wow... I hardly ever lock my doors or use the window-down function with the key, so I never thought to thoroughly check that. Sorry for your trouble.

I have a 'new' car to fix now, so I will be doing this repair again soon. I'll detail it further when I get to it, but here's the basics:
The latches that I have seen failed were worn out where the microswitch contacts the mechanical door latch - The switch was still good, but the latch didn't push it enough.
I'm going to take the mechanical portion of a new, cheap VW latch and swap it onto the old Porsche part.
Just two screws and a little gentle prying.

Generally, all the moving parts of the cheap ones can be swapped over to the old ones as needed. On the particular one I have on my desk, the mounting holes for the microswitch are spaced slightly different, but can be 'adjusted' or forced. I'll probably just solder the new switch on.
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