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Central Locking Issue

Boy could I really use some help here ..... hehehe

History: I've always been able to lock the doors with the fob, but I knew I had some wonky microswitches int he doors because the windows didn't behave correctly when opening/closing the doors.

Over the winter I replaced the door lock actuator on the driver's door. I followed 78F350's method and used the VW item (I purchased it on ebay) and everything seemed to go together fine. I THINK i tested all functions then, but ... maybe not. Maybe I just cheered that the window now worked correctly. But I have a really hard time imagining I didn't also try locking the doors. anyway.....

I also had the dashboard apart to do the A/C foam-door repair thing.

Today, I had my indy / race shop program me a new key, because I've only ever had one and I've always been worried about that. They took it down the road to the dealer and had it all programmed.

Now I'm home and I can't lock the doors. I push the button on the NEW fob and I occasionally get a single beep, but no lock. Neither does the LED on the lock/unlock button on the dash light up. The other FOB does NOTHING.

The Lock/Unlock button on the dash doesn't light-up at all, and pressing it does nothing.

My durametric shows codes 12 (Wrong Door Lock Module) and 61 (Central locking limit position Unlock not reached).

With the durametric I can lock the doors, and when I do the LED on the Lock/Unlock button comes on for me. But still nothing with the FOB.

I'm very, very confused.
My shop and I put each other through some paces over the last week (long story for another thread).... so I'm hesitant to simply call and tell them it's wrong until I think I've got a handle on it and understand what's going on. ('cuz this may be my fault)

So in short: locks work with durametric, not with the dash button or key fob. Codes 12 & 61.

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