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Originally Posted by maytag View Post
I'm all for creativity, and even mods just for the sake of modding.

But I gotta ask, gently; if the goal is 300.... that's a poop-ton of work for 300..... so,.... why?
I mean.... I've done my share of gm v-6 stuff... mostly 3.8's (wasn't the 4.3 the truck motor?) And I get the fascination with turbos on 'em.... but otherwise?

It just seems like SO MUCH WORK for a 10% hp increase over a Porsche 3.2 that bolts right in.
Respectfully, of course.

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I can understand confusion. LOL

Most of this work is for the blower right behind my head. Just want the VEEEEE sound. Addition of power is a side effect. I'm a strange one.

I'm toning it back to about 300 because I don't want to spend more than I paid for the car on a transmission. At least not right away. Who knows in a few years once I get the body and suspension the way I want them I might re-visit the trans and engine output. Typical Chevy problems; engine's got more potential than any trans can handle.

Work yeah, but have you priced a 3.2 lately? If I went to the larger tranny and pumped up the 4.3 to a respectable output I'd still be paying less than swapping the engine alone. (side note after the clutch/adaptor purchase I'm in $3500 car purchase included)

Another reason for the 4.3 is I got one when I bought my garbage scow of a pickup truck. I'm about 100% certain it has jumped timing, and it still runs (I just advanced the distributer so it only pings a little). Well 2 years of driving essentially broken and it keeps ticking gives me the impression that its a VERY robust and well built engine. What better engine to put in a car that is less than easy to access the engine?

I am reminded of building my RX 5 years back. The trans always is the compromise area. I had to limit my output on that engine too. But like then I want the engine noises from the blower now; at that time I wanted the wooosh noises from a turbo, the power increase is a side effect.
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