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Originally Posted by mgfranz View Post
Is there any significant difference between the M030 and the GT3 bar?
Here is a chart comparing a few of the stock, M030, and 996 GT-3 front and rear sway bars. Yes, the M030 and 996 GT-3 sway bars greatly differ. As the chart shows, the GT-3 front sway is 1.51 (or 51%) to 2.06 (100%) times as stiff as the Base M030 front sway bar (depending on which hole is used).

Originally Posted by mgfranz View Post
Can we use the GT3 rear bar on the 986 as well?
No, not easily. The most common rear sway bar upgrades are the M030 or the Tarrett adjustable 986 sway bar.

Originally Posted by mgfranz View Post
I know a large concern on my car is the tire I use, I currently use a Falken Zies series, and while they work well on the street, I know I am giving up at least a second or more on the track.
Yes and no. Yes, a more track oriented tire will provide much greater grip. But a higher performance tire won't significantly affect the chassis roll.
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