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Originally Posted by AZ986S View Post
Hey Steve!

Congrats on the new Cayman! No more IMS I suppose. Will you miss it?
Are you instructing with PCA or another organization?
I'll be looking to get certified this year with PCA and maybe NASA.
It's summer break here right now so I'm watching you guys on video

I have a friend with a 987 base Cayman and with a 100 0ctane race tune and IPD plenum (PITA to install), he was making close to 300 HP at the crank, so it did pretty well with the 2.9. Do you think you need to upgrade the engine oil baffle for track duty?
No IMS on the 2009 and yes I miss the boxster already, it was so familiar and comfortable :-) although it is still down in the garage on jack stands so maybe I will get to driving it soon before thinking about selling it. However this past weekend at Road Atlanta was really good with the Cayman, I am starting to bind with it. And then the headliner started falling down on the trip home :-) common on the Caymans...

I got my instructor training with PCA Carolinas region and as my final mentor I had my instructor that I had on my 2nd track day ever which was pretty awesome. It was also an MSF level 2 school. After that training I have instructed with PCA (Carolinas region, Florida Citrus region, and Florida Crown region), Chin, Just Track It, (and invited to instruct with JZilla and some others if the schedule ever works). I love it, it is a lot of fun for me and I hope for my students too :-) If you think you would like it, I say go for it. It is a great way to give back.

LN does make a deep sump for the 9A1 but it is $2000+ so I might pass, the benefit is for oil cooling. I've got a 3rd radiator kit going in soon and I'll keep an eye on it. No extra baffle needed, it has 4 scavenge pumps and an electronically controlled oil pump that really dials up the pressure during sporty driving so I'm hoping the oil side is covered :-)

Headers and then tune (I heard from the Cobb people at Weeks who don't advertise a 2.9 tune for that reason) is supposed to be the only place to get power on the 2.9 since it is already supposedly optimized at 91 HP per liter (265 HP) and the same intake as the 3.4 so it should be able to provide all the air it needs. 300 HP would be a beast!

It is noisier in tbe cabin than my boxster and I wonder if it is the numeric cables I added, I don't recall it being that noisy on tbe drive home on the stock cables...

However I think it is a keeper and I am planning my next mod, FD Motorsports exhaust mod, even though I swore my last exhaust work was it :-)
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