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Originally Posted by barthol View Post
Hi All,

Just tried to Disconnect the MAF - No changes
Tried to take of the pipe going from the top of the AOS to the intake right after the throttle body-
There was a little oil in the pipe.
I blocked the hole in the intake where the pipe connects, and the engine seemed to start immediately

I guess that the AOS and the pipe going to the intake is a good place to start ?

All my temp readings is from the durametric sw:-)
I have tried to press the pedal all the way down a couple of times before attempting the "cold start " without any changes in the outcome

Starting to sound like a faulty AOS is creating a vacuum leak.
A possibility that BFELLER pointed to.
A simple vacuum test would have pointed to excessive air (vacuum leak) versus not enough fuel. Either one would create a lean condition. So cold start problems.
But a vacuum test tells you which direction to look.

I am not up on the AOS system so I can't help you much on it.
I do know that a small amount of oil in pipe going to the intake is normal.

You could do another "dead cold" start with the AOS pipe removed and the hole plugged just as a proof. As I have read that replacing the AOS is not that much fun

Keep us in the loop I always like to know the outcome when I am trying to help someone. Helps me learn more
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