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Originally Posted by P_Carfahrer View Post
Is this overkill and unnecessary?
Yes and yes.

You're over thinking it.

There are some very good street/track pads that work well in both situations (I have used EBC Red and Yellow) and there are several race pads that you can drive comfortably on the street (I have used Pagid Orange). And as others have mentioned above, there are several other pads to choose from.

I see changing pads (and/or rotors) before a track event as a barrier. The more work that you need to do in order to go to the track only makes it harder to get there. The harder it is to go to the track, the less you might be inclined to go. Instead, try to make it as easy as possible to go to the track and then you might be inclined to go more often (or at least it will be a lot less work!).
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