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Winter project: Exhaust!

So, itīs soon time to put the Box to itīs beauty sleep.. One of the planned winter updates is a new exhaust. Since I do not want to hijack someone elses thread I start a new one, I would love some input and support from the common wisdom..

The plan is to put parts together to achieve my goal, not buy a readily available system.

Criterias to meet:
1) Maximize whatever power can be gained from optimum exhaust
2) Reduce weight
3) Nice sound, without drone
4) No cel
5) Pass inspection & be somewhat environmentally friendly, so I will need a working cat.

Just reading my own criterias makes my head spin, so.. Yes, Iīll be needing some support.

The car is a 2003 S.
I now have the standard ROW-system with cast iron manifolds and only "secondary" cats, porsches oem rear exhaust with crios mod.

Letīs try to start with some reasoning.. My reasoning related to making power/torque is:

-Iīll need headers to achieve the scavenging effect, what we need here is not "back pressure" rather the proper gas-velocity. I want:
a) Egual length headers
b) Long tube headers (more power from mid to high rpm)

I find that most/some "ebay" headers are unequal length and/or short tube. So... I need to find a good Header-Candidate. Suggestions?

After the headers, I basically want to minimize back pressure. I look at this nice thread: Custom exhaust and wonder if I would get away with the following:

I put a 200cel cat just after the collector.
I put a resonator in the original place of the cat, and then another resonator at the end like in the link above. So the chain is: Header+cat+resonator+resonator.
I believe this will be a good flowing system and Iīll loose a lot of weight, but it might be far to loud.. or?

Any comments so far? Am I on the right track?
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