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Every manufacturer uses different protocols to speak to the OBD II "bridge". (Some manufacturers use multiple, across their product range). Your scan tool must be compatible with that protocol.
I have an entire shelf in my garage FULL of all of the various "scanners" / code readers that I've collected over the years, because the ones I have won't work with my new car, or will only read basic trouble codes, etc. Etc.

When I bought this 986, being my first porsche, I was hopeful that it would work with one or more of my other units purchased for my AUDI, or MERCEDES, or whatever. Nope. I could get basic trouble codes: nothing more.

So I bought the durametric. And I'm soo glad I did. It's so much more than a "code reader".

I hate to say it, but for the $150 you spent on your 6032, you were halfway there on the durametric. I highly recommend it.

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