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Originally Posted by particlewave View Post
"Cobble something together from cheap parts"? Valves and exhaust pipes are not expensive.
That type of snide comment does not help you.
I can see that I came off a bit brash, my apologies. Wasn't trying to be snide or judgmental towards any individual - and given your experience I'm sure you can produce something decent - rather being entrenched in the exhaust business you see a lot of issues (existing and potential) out there. There are a lot of available off the shelf valve options that have a tendency to fail. Realistically, it happens to all - even the highest quality Helical valves used by Porsche on the GT3 and other OEM's as it's an item that sees a lot of abuse. Someone could also go to a local exhaust shop and have something built up that doesn't have the welds back purged, rough MIG welds. For $100 you could cook something up and it doesn't matter much if it fails down the line as no one would be judging. As a company we have to make the exhaust hold up to abuse including track use and back it with a lifetime warranty. For full transparency the valves cost us just shy of $200, the valve controller just above $60, the OEM pipes are around $45 a piece, around $20 in creating the other components, around $15 in boxing and foam packing pricing and this is before labor and SG&A comes in. Forum members also get 5% off MSRP. We're trying to meet the area where we make enough money to warrant a good product, stay in business, and be fair which is tough as a small manufacturer but nothing good is easy!
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