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Originally Posted by ZoomGlide125 View Post
Normally the engine can rev up into the RPMs smoothly, occasionally though it will stumble a bit and maybe backfire. The other problem is that it will always stall with no load on after lifting off the throttle. If I catch it and slowly reduce the RPMs it will return to the rough idle. The car doesn't give any codes unless it backfires. When it has done that it threw the codes for backfires on cyl 1, 2, and 3. However that's not every time the car runs.
What are the codes for "backfires"? Do you mean "misfire"? A misfire and a backfire can be related but are not necessarily the same.

Please post the exact codes, they can help quite a bit in diagnosis, especially if the problem is isolated to one bank (cyls 1,2,3).
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