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Originally Posted by maytag View Post
this is goood.... :-)

So, the benefit of the LWFW is clear to you, then?

My car is still primarily a street car; is the added noise from the trans noticeable?
And driveability? I've driven lots of lightened flywheels before, (none in a Porsche) so I understand the need to rev more from a start, etc. But any other driveability issues?
Yes, its all good! Five years of racing Boxster's has been hugely rewarding! Engines (for me) are wear items just like tires and brakes. Some engines have lasted longer than others, but none of my engines failed due to anything related to the LWFW.

Some noise from the trans might be noticeable with the top down and the clutch out. Push in the clutch, no more noise. Top up, not noticeable. Otherwise, no drivability issues, just a little quicker to rev.
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