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Originally Posted by square-root View Post
I currently have the 986 bracket with the B&M shortshifter—but I am not super happy about it as I find it too notchy—and I’m going to try the standard 997 shifter assembly and see if that is more my style.
I ran the 9x7 shifter for a while, I liked it and it was a nice improvement and was not notchy at all. I'm on the Ben's shifter now, which is very similar to the B&M except that it has ball bearings. If you think the B&M is too notchy, you might not like the Ben's shifter. It is smoother since it has the ball bearings, I like it.

If you do get the 9x7 shifter you could probably sell your 986 shifter with the B&M and make back some of your money.
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