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"I've owned two Boxsters now and really, honestly, I don't see the huge maintenance costs. I just had my 20k service done on my 987 for 400 bucks. So, on the average of say 3k miles per oil change for a typical car, with an average cost of 50 bucks per oil change with Synthetic oil your'e at 300 bucks over the same period of time. In that period, just about any car will have to make a trip or two to the dealer for a checkup which usually isn't free. So far, my 987 has given me 20k miles with zero issues and all it cost me over that time is 400.00? Not a bad deal in my opinion, and really, it's not a gigantic difference from the average maintenance costs of a Honda Accord.. the thing I think people choke on is that it hits them all at once instead of spread out over time."

Two quick points.

The service costs rise as the miles do. Your next one will likely be $800 plus and so on.

I think the really issue on Boxster mait. costs is what happens post warranty. When you start getting bills for RMS, wheel bearings, brakes etc., it can certainly add up fast.
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