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Originally Posted by Geof3 View Post
Wrapping the hood, especially with CF look vinyl is a challenging job and is best done with two people. The top 2/3 is fairly easy, but as you get to the compound curves of the lower nose you need judicious, but patient, heat to get it to lay down properly without creases and bubbles. Pay attention very closely to not over stretch the CF or it will wind up not having the proper alignment and it will look odd and random instead of nice and straight. Not a very easy one. Plain colors would be easier, but still challenging.
I'm finding this out. That is actually a black with silver metallic. It depends on the wrap too. The graphite I did the other day wasn't bad at al, 3M.
The black was from eBay and when pulling on it it ripped right at the beginning. It eas brittle and broke very easy.

live and learn.😀
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