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Originally Posted by jpdal View Post
Is this normal? I've looked throughout the forums and haven't seem a similar occurrence happen?
Its not normal. Normally, the belt fails or the alternator bearing fails or the voltage regulator fails.

Originally Posted by jpdal View Post
Should i replace the alternator as well?
If it were me, I'd replace the entire alternator. Mostly because I value reliability over cost. You don't say how many miles the car has, but I'll guess that it has enough miles that I wouldn't want to take the chance that the bearing or voltage regulator will fail in a short time and then you'd have to do a second repair on the same component. Since labor is typically 40%-60% of a repair cost, saving money on the parts replaced sometimes isn't the cheapest route. And even if you DIY it, no one wants to replace an alternator in a Boxster more than once.
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