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"If you’re looking to replace your car in the next couple of months, you’ve probably got half an eye on the weather. You might be considering an SUV or other four-wheel-drive model that is better able to cope with severe weather and floods.

What’s unlikely to be on your mind, with the threat of freezing temperatures and biblical amounts of rain on the horizon, is a convertible. But, for the canny used car buyer, it should be.

Industry data backs this up; according to used car values organisation CAP, the average advertised price for a pre-owned convertible in May this year was 17,286. By August – supposedly the height of the British summer – it was down to just 15,944. And by September it had fallen again, so anything left in showrooms now will be priced to go.

Philip Nothard, the editor of CAP’s Black Book price guide, said: “As the weather becomes increasingly less predictable, sellers are extra-cautious about how long they hold on to cars, so prices start to see a steady decline."

Why winter is the best time to buy a convertible - Telegraph
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