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For sale: Eibach 3212.312 Rear Adjustable sway bar for sale

I'm selling my Eibach 3212.312 Rear Adjustable sway bar for sale.

This bar is a tubular 22mm with 4.76mm wall thickness (per my email with Eibach)

Only used for a short time, maybe 2-3000 miles and 2-3 track days, before I removed and sold my KSports, and removed this bar and went back to stock.

[Edit - read about my use of the bar here: 2000 986 Boxster S - Suspension Upgrade Advice ]

Note this is a photo from before I installed the bar. I'm getting a shot uploaded that I just took today.

The box is a little beat up from being in my garage but the bar and bushings are still in good shape.

I have some stiffness comparisons with this bar over on this thread here:

Drilling an extra hole in a sway bar end to give a softer setting

Note that I used the bar by itself with a stock M030 986 S front bar, and in my opinion that is too stiff of a rear bar in relation to the stock front and caused some of my oversteer issues I was experiencing with the KSports. I think that paired with the matching 7212.310 front bar it would be balanced.

I believe some folks on here run the matched set of Eibach sway bars bars with success and I know of a few that aren't on this forum that run them.


$100 + shipping, estimated to be $10-$15 in the continental USA.

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