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Originally Posted by CdnRD View Post
Any way to change your mind about replacing the IMS bearing? You're 95% of the way there now.
Ive spent the last 3 years of my boxster ownership deliberating over whether I would replace the IMS bearing and many hours leading up to and during the tear down looking into IMS bearing options. I had settled on the Pelican replacement given that all DIY kits recommended a 30-40k replacement, the reasonable price point of the Pelican part, and reputation of Pelican. However, after considering many owners experiences of performing the replacement only to find that their original bearing was in great condition, the fact that Iíve never suspected a impending part failure based on oil filter inspection, the fact that I only drive the car less than 4K miles a year, the fact that I change the oil every 3-4K miles, have never had a CEL, that I expect to be back inside the clutch in 30-40k miles if I keep the car that long, and that reported incidence of bearing failure is low, I decided that I would postpone this part replacement until closer to 120k Miles.
2004 Boxster S 79K Miles
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