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Originally Posted by Medsurf View Post
Thanks for feedback already.

So i am making a dedicated track car. Im going for PCA stock f class as i have a boxster S.
AC, Radio deleted, Doors gutted, interior lighting, power windows/locks and all there wiring removed so far.
I was debating of removing the whole harness but so far its not that bad with it just unwound. My concerns are when we have wires going to the alarm control unit.
What is absolutely necessary for the alarm control unit to stay functional?
Plus i am installing a 6 pole kill switch -> is okay to interrupt it between the DME relay fuse and the DME relay?

Time isn't a matter as this is a hobby and i enjoy it. Rather get it right instead of just alright.
What year is your Boxster S? I have a 2004 and for F stock, minimum weight is 3060 lbs. I have 2 seats in the car, working power windows / climate control still in (No AC), Chromolly full cage, factory aluminum top, big heavy stock battery and I still need 115 lbs of ballast to make minimum weight!!!! I am actually going to add to my cage this winter to decrease the need for ballast weight.

I suggest you weigh your car and make sure you are not already under minimum weight.
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