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Yes, you can remove the airbag module and all wiring, that won't be a major weight or complexity savings by itself and it would be a real PITA to do with the harness in the car. If you are converting the car to a race car, pull the main and rear harness and then go to town. The top wiring, radio, interior lights, cruise control, door wiring, seat wiring, climate control, etc., etc. all can go. Personally, if you are not going to remove the whole harness, I would not bother. Just remove the bags and the module.

For what it is worth, thinning the harness down to the bare minimum takes me about 20 hours with the harnesses out of the car, and I have done this on 10+ Boxsters for spec racing. That is with all my notes and knowing what can be removed and what needs to stay. Everything is depinned and removed and the only cuts are at factory splices, which are replaced where necessary. This ends up being just like a factory 996 Cup car, which is basically what we patterned the electrical system off of. If you are doing it yourself to that level, figure 50+ hours and you will have a few wires that you don't need (especially fusebox feed wires, which weigh a lot). That is my BTDT. I leave in most lighting and a couple other systems that aren't needed in an absolutely basic system. This also does not include moving the fuse box or immo which I would recommend. Double my numbers if you are adding in telemetry, battery cutoff, etc. The weight savings over not thinning the wiring is about 15lb with clips, brackets, etc., but the big advantage is in the simplicity and reliability.
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