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The reason I removed the covers was I watched the video on the site that sells the top and he shows vaguely how the should go in. In the video he has the cover removed and I thought the black molding. He just had the covers off, Hus demo Boxster didn't have the molding painted black so I misunderstood. As for the top its definitely the problem. When I removed the top the primer was smashed into the top all the way across the highest edge. I put the lift gate on it and the top it preventing either side top slip into place. Even with alot of downward pressure it wasn't even close. As you can see in the pics it should fall into place without trimming because it is narrower than both of the metal ears. I'm not sure why my top is like new and hasn't ever been a problem. I'll try the spinlocks attached but they are pretty far forward of where the interference problems is. I dont mind taking the top off for I plan on leaving this top on for awhile.

Thanks for your help!
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