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Originally Posted by AZ986S View Post
I think the issue is that the gas pedal is too high when I am braking hard. Another thing that happens to me occasionally is that from 3rd to 2nd, I keep partial gas pedal while braking even after the heel toe is complete, making me freak out why I am not braking quickly enough!!! Can the pedals be moved? Or do I need an aftermarket gas pedal?
The stock pedals cannot be moved or adjusted.

Is your throttle too high? My problem was that the throttle was too low and it was almost impossible to roll my foot over far enough to reliably hit the throttle. I talked to a few racers and they recommended a throttle lifter plate. With the throttle pedal adjusted up, I had no problem heel and toeing. I still use it in my Spec Boxster today. See it here: Rennline Adjustable Lifter Plate-Rennline, Inc.

I also installed the throttle extension to make it easier to reach the throttle so I can more easily get to the throttle by using the outside of the upper portion of my foot or using the heel: Rennline Throttle Extension - Heel Toe-Rennline, Inc.

There is also a DIY throttle extension (but it doesn't lift the throttle higher): Pedal extension!

In your case, maybe you need a fully adjustable throttle pedal like this:

I hope this gets you pointed in the right direction.

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