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Originally Posted by AZ986S View Post
I would love to be able to do mid-week events!
Have fun at Sebring! 3 days wow.
Have you thought about instructing?
It was a night event so after work, but I still would have had to take today off to get there. I'm kind of glad it got postponed because I am closing in on completing some projects at work so I could use the extra work day...

Sebring - this event is actually an instructor school/advanced solo driving event. Friday and Saturday is the instructor school along with solo only session, so instead of the usual four 25 minute PCA sessions, we get five 25-30 minute sessions. Then Sunday it is a regular HPDE, including instructed run groups (and possibly new instructors doing their first instructing?). I'm just going for the solo driving It is awesome!!

Instructing - I would like to someday, there have been several instructors that stand out to me when I was coming up, and I would like to give back. I think I am going to get a checkride to move from intermediate PCA solo to advanced PCA solo (probably not this time at Sebring as that track really favors more powerful cars, but the next time I am at Roebling Road). That is a 2 part checkride, and will give me a chance to spend some time with the CDI and the other chief instructors, and I will get their feedback. Then maybe when the next instructor school comes at Roebling I might try to attend and see how it goes...
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