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The Pelican suspension kit is overpriced because it contains a few Porsche branded parts which have a really high price. For example, the kit contains four Porsche lower control arms priced at $415.50 each!! (total $1,662) vs an aftermarket equivalent for $96 each (total $386).

To replace all four struts/shocks and a few bushings will generally run $2000-$2500 by the time you're all done ($1500 parts + $700-$1000 labor).

To do a full suspension refresh, you're looking at somewhere around $4,000 for the whole job ($2500 parts + $1500 labor).

As you can see, its easy to quickly spend close to 50% of the car's value on a big update like this. You'll get some of this (30%-50%) back in re-sale but its still a big investment. Many of us keep the costs down by doing much of the work ourselves which saves the labor cost.
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