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First, is it a seep, a drip, a leak, or a puddle?

A seep is oil on the housing but rarely or only occasionally drips onto the ground.
A drip is several small spots or a small accumulation on the ground.
A leak is 50 cent size spots every time you park.
A puddle is the size of a coffee can.

I'd ignore a seep, just wipe it off occasionally.
A drip can go either way but I'd probably ignore it also mainly because removing the transmission is a big job. Just put a piece of cardboard under the car when you park at home.
A leak is worrisome enough to warrant serious intervention.
A puddle means you waited too long and should have fixed it when it was a drip or a leak.

Second, make sure that the fluid is actually coming from inside where the engine and transmission mate. It is well known for oil to leak in one location and then seep along for quite a distance and then accumulate/drip at a place that isn't actually leaking. I had oil dripping from the bottom of the valve covers and two shops said that I needed to have the valve covers re-sealed, but the oil was actually coming from the spark plug tubes. Check and double check to be sure of the exact location of the source.

Third, the options are pretty straightforward;
(1) Remove the transmission to see what is actually leaking and then repair/replace whatever is leaking. If you're a handy DIY'er, this is a bit time consuming but not technically difficult.
(2) Try and get an orthoscope in to see what is leaking without removing the transmission
(3) Drive it as-is and monitor the oil and/or trans fluid levels religiously (the only way to check the trans fluid level is to remove the fill plug on the side of the trans)

And last, I don't mean to sound harsh, but you might want to find a new indie shop.
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