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Originally Posted by Evlo View Post

i'm considering buying boxster, but it does have really old stereo unit, it is about 1600km from home and I want to the a little roadtrip across Alps and French shoreline on the way home so I would like to buy better stereo, but I can't find anywhere what backlight colors are the buttons so I can buy one to mach it?

Also I noticed it does have gray carpets while interior should be and seems to be Metropole blue on the photos? Is is standard?

Yes i'm buying in inspected ...

Also is 2.7 comfortable I decided not to get 3.2 as roads here are really crappy and I wanted something that is more capable on bad roads than my MK1 MX5 with brand new stock suspension.
the backlight color is amber (dark orange).
the blue interior is an option, and its about your preference and taste.
i assume the car is silver?
and yes, the 2.7 will be less stiffer than the S.

good luck.
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