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Question 2001 Boxster S with 2 annoying issues.

I've just bought a 2001 Boxster S, 3.2L 6 speed manual.

First annoyance, the factory CDR-220 stereo has only the right hand channel working.
Adjusting balance and fader has no effect. Tested the left speakers and test okay.

Second annoyance, the passenger side window does not drop when lowering the top. If I drop it via the window control and operate the top, no issues. The top drops into place and no errors. If I don't drop the window manually, when raising the top, it sticks and won't close completely. And, results in the dash alarm about the top.Both windows raise and lower properly otherwise and, if the passenger window is lowered before raising the top, it raises automatically as it should.

Basically, I'm looking for ideas, hints, hyperbolic supposition? about where to begin troubleshooting these two issues. I've ordered the removal tools for the radio so I can check those connections once they arrive. Many seem to think it's an amp problem but, in my case, there is no external amplifier.
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