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Originally Posted by Jay Laifman View Post
Am I nuts? On my 2000 Boxster S, I don't have post cat sensors. I got the car with 14k miles, 14 years ago, and zero mods at that time. Is this correct that I shouldn't have the post cat sensors?
ROW (rest of world) cars don't have post cat sensors, and only have the 2nd set of cats. I don't know if Canadian cars are made to ROW specs or USA (Northamerica?) specs.

What do your exhaust manifolds look like? do they look like this? This is a pic from my car, also a 2000 S.

Originally Posted by steved0x View Post

You can also see the pre and post cat sensors in this picture pretty well.
Or does it look like that without the big bulge in the middle for the cat?

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