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this is the front right tire after a single 25 minute session at little talladega (12 turn road course). at the time, it was about 77 degrees out; there was a little cloud cover that kept the asphalt out of direct sunlight for the morning as well. the session was counter-clockwise, so most turns were left handers. there's a LONG carousel / skidpad on the course that's likely the heat-builder of the track.

we switched directions and ran clockwise in the afternoon. while the other front tire did wear excessively on the outer edge, it didn't chunk apart like the other one. it was also MUCH hotter (mid 90's) in the afternoon. it just seems like something strange happened to that one tire. also FYI there was not debris issue and no off-track excursion that could have played a roll. the chunking in the photo occured all the way around the tire; it wasn't localized.

either way, looks like i'll need a LOT more camber up front for the next go. this was my first outing with the M030 / RoW set-up.
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