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The reason people say to buy the best Boxster that you can afford is that there are no cheap Porsche's.

Some Boxster's might be cheap to buy, but they will probably need a lot of work to bring the maintenance up to date and repair things that the previous owner ignored. Be sure to budget a few hundred to several thousand for this.

Even if you do all of the work yourself, the parts themselves can be fairly expensive. And yes, often you can find cheap aftermarket parts but sometimes you can't and then you have no choice but to pay whatever it costs.

Once the maintenance and repairs are up to date, plan on $2,000 per year for maintenance and repairs. This literally means that you'll be spending $500 every three months to repair something. Or nothing for 6 months and then bam, $1,000 for a rear wheel bearing and CV joint repair! Very quickly, it can feel like the car is a bottomless money pit if you and your parents aren't used to these kind of expenditures on a vehicle. Some years might be more, some less, but its a good number to use for budgeting and managing expectations.

I have two sons that are in college - they both drive BMW's (E36 M3 and E53 X5). There is a lesson in that statement.
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