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What Tom said (post #6)

I just went with M030 ROW springs/Struts and camber plates
It lowers the car around 20 mm. For now I have the stock S sways

With the camber plates, I got -2.2 front camber. The camber plates also have momoballs, so it is much tighter than the stock rubber bushings. Jason @ warehouse 33 auto . Com (remove spaces) can get you a good deal on Tarett camber plates.

I'm not a big fan of modifying the strut mounting holes and the camber plates do not add any height to the strut mounting

Just did 2 track days and it was amazing!

While it is much tighter and responsive on the track, the street ride is still very good as well

This is a very good setup for a DD that also gets AX and track use
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