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The take home from this is that Neil paid for a trick part+ a serp belt, hacked off a boss from the engine that is rather useful and spent a bunch of time and other money for no gain of any sort.
The Track guys would claim a benefit in not over-reving the p/s pump ?
The pro-u/d pulley guys claim there is no loss of cooling efficiency or a/c with driving those pulleys slower. Really?
At least Neil did not use the disintegrating version of the u/d pulley.He used a solid one.
I was surprised that when doing this project he did not check the bearings in all the other pullies & ancillaries. At least give the w/p pulley a wiggle ? Maybe that was done in another video?
If Neil wants a trick part that really works for about the same money, he should talk to Ben006 in Post #4- hint ! Ben;s trick part may work particularly well with the 987 bigger airbox?

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