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In a pinch, wipe the old one clean and reuse it.

Next time you are at the dealer or are putting in an online order (through a company like Pelican), add half a dozen of them to your order.

The last time I ordered them from Pelican they were $0.50 each. Part number 900-123-106-30-M131. (note: M131 is Pelican's supplier code - leave off if ordering from someplace else). If you can't wait, I'm sure the washers can't cost much more than that from your local dealer.

You should be ok to reuse the old one as long as you are using the stock (steel) drain plug. If you switch to the LN magnetic (aluminum) drain plug it will be more critical because you won't be able to torque it down as tight (only 19 ft. lbs). The washer is just soft aluminum. When you tighten the drain plug it digs into the washer to form a tight seal. As long as the washer isn't horribly gouged, you should be able to get a good seal with a reused washer.

Again though, the washers are super cheap, so there's really no good reason not to use a new one (if you have one). I would refrain from reinstalling the drain plug without a washer as the drain plug could cut into the lower sump cover (oil pan) which is cast aluminum.

(just my 2 cents)...

UPDATE: Just saw MikeFocke's post and I will defer to his advice! I've been using aluminum washers ordered from Pelican, but if there are also copper ones, use what he recommends (Mike is the man!) - Thanks
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