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Typically an AOS failure does not hydrolock an engine very often, although it is possible.
In retrospect I should have shutdown immediately and got a tow home just to eliminate the hydrolock potential as the cost/risk ratio is too high to take a chance.

I drove a couple miles billowing tons of smoke and there were no serious side effects. It looks spectacularly bad when most cars blow that kind of smoke but is not that big a deal really for a Boxster.

We have all learned to hate the AOS after such an embarrassing event.

When it happened to me I had already read about it so I was not overly stressed and I actually started laughing at the ridiculous amount of smoke I had generated, literally blacking out a good 100' behind me and the terrified look of other drivers passing by.
Lost about 2 quarts of oil during that failure.

I simply replaced the AOS and everything was back to normal.

I would get a 2nd opinion on the blown engine theory from a proper Porsche Mechanic.
"It broke because it wants to be Upgraded "
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