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Unfortunately the M96 is too quirky and the repairs (can be) too expensive to make diagnostic errors.I approached a similar problem with my car as a -"well I know this stuff,I have all the tools and equipment, what's the worst that can go wrong issue?" I had no idea what I was getting into,no idea of the cost,complexity,time. Worst I did not realize how massively upside down it would render the car. My 1970 era XKE is a gold mine by comparison !
How is it that Honda built one of the best engines in the world - the Flat 6 - F6B Gold Wing/Valk and Porsche did not just improve/enlarge on it? Or the Lancia Flavia engine?
I just feel for younger owners who bought a cheap Boxster (to replace a Miata?)and then the engine starts tapping ....
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