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[QUOTE=steved0x;512029]Last weekend I had a big spin at Roebling Road Raceway. After my feeble attempt at catching it, I went both feet in - hard! And I kept them there until the car was stopped. You wouldn't know it from watching the video. I am turning right. The back end steps out and I try to catch it by steering left, but I am too slow. I see it is not going to be saved, so I go both feet in - hard! The car slides across the track backwards, and once the car has rotated enough so that I am going straight backwards, the ABS kicks in like crazy. Since the steering wheel is still turned left, the car takes a leisurely roll back across the track, ABS clicking like crazy before coming to a stop. It looked just like a scene from "You suck at racing" - where the person spins but never locks up the brakes and ends up shooting back across the track in front of everybody. Luckily for me nobody was right behind me...

So I am going to try and add a new step to "In for a spin, both feet in", I am going to try and remember to center the wheel, so if the ABS comes on like that again I won't roll back across the track.

Quickest & best way to recover is to release the steering wheel & allow it to spin thru your hands. Every car is designed to go straight (castor) once the car straightens itself steer in the direction you want to go.
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